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Coffee Beans and Sweet Things

Most days of the week smoke can be seen and tasted coming from the BV Roastery. Don’t worry, nothing’s on fire, that’s not what I was getting at. Joel, Chris, and Ed can be found most days roasting serious amounts of coffee beans in the back, while a medley of the Grateful Dead, some electronica-esque […]

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Espresso – What Is That Stuff?

Have you ever ordered a latte or a cappucinno? How about a mocha? If you have, you probably know that each of these drinks is a combination of milk and espresso. But what exactly is espresso – that yummy liquid that is often mispronounced, misspelled and misunderstood?

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BV Roastery Latte Competition!

Last Friday, we held our first ever latte competition here at the Buena Vista Roastery, and what a fun night it was!

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The set-up..

The 2010 Mountain Regional Barista Competition

On Valentines Day weekend, a few members of our BV Roastery team attended this years Mountain Regional Barista Competition in Loveland, Colorado. None of us competed (next year, baby!), but we had a really great time, and were totally blown away by the quality of baristas that we saw there.

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Latte Art: 6 Steps

Latte Art: 6 Steps Making a proper espresso with the right color and amount of crema can be difficult; latte art can be even more so. Here are some steps given in a Wikihow post to make great latte art. YouTube has a thousand videos of making all sorts of variations to the latte. My […]

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