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The set-up..

The 2010 Mountain Regional Barista Competition

On Valentines Day weekend, a few members of our BV Roastery team attended this years Mountain Regional Barista Competition in Loveland, Colorado. None of us competed (next year, baby!), but we had a really great time, and were totally blown away by the quality of baristas that we saw there.

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Coffee 101

The video takes you through some of the process of production and generally describes the regions where coffee is grown.

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Maui Red Catuai

Watch for our seasonal Maui Red coffee this year. We’re optimizing the roast – should be available after today. Smooth, great body, grapefruit subtlety. Ask your local cafe to carry this Bongo Billy’s special.

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From the mountains of Uganda to your cup

From the mountains of Uganda to your cup We’ve been really enjoying the new Ugandan coffee that just came in here at the roastery.  This Organic and Fair Trade certified coffee is “a very pleasing light roast coffee with spicy hints of nutmeg and cinnamon with a woody undertone and a smooth chocolate finish.” High […]

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Organics Out of Uganda

Yesterday in the Roastery, we were cupping a few organic Brazilian coffees – a Chapada Dinamata, a Tres Fazendas, and a Fazendas Santa Marta. During our discussions afterward, one of our roasters noted his observation of more and more Uganda coffees showing themselves in various coffee markets. I understand this is a relative unknown in […]

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Spotlight: Colombia

I spent the bulk of last week working on a dairy north of here where I consult on grazing planning and Holistic Management. One of the people at the dairy is from Venezuela and we got to talking about the Colombian guerillas and his need to flee his home because they had invaded and presumably […]

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The Watch on Brazilian Coffee

With the recent buzz about Ethiopian and Colombian harvests being down, we turn to Brazil. Brazil, one of the largest producers and the second largest consumer of coffee worldwide, often dictates the commodity pricing for the rest of the coffees. They set the stage, if you will. In 2008, the outlook for coffee was down […]

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New Mocha Java Blend

We at the Buena Vista Roastery have found a perfect partner to our Organic Idido Misty Valley Ethiopian to blend a special offering, Mocha Java. We use our Java Monsooned, beans that are variegated in color with differences in the beans that cause us to roast slow and dark in order to ensure its rich, […]

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Lack of Water and Disease Check Ethiopian Production

We may see a dearth of coffee coming out of Ethiopia this year. An article in Bloomberg reports that coffee supply will fall 58% this year. Both the Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions are hit, first by a drought in spring followed by heavy rains that encouraged disease. The third coffee harvest, finishing up as we […]

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Shade Grown as another Certification

A recent comment has prompted some more research into Shade Grown certification. We’ve pontificated a few times about organic and fair trade, but there are a number of other certifications out there. We have had more than one customer ask about which coffees were “Shade Grown”. What exactly is Shade Grown, therefore? (more…)

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