El Dia Uno and Indigenous of Costa Rica

maleku of Costa Rica

Maleku of Costa Rica, photo George Meek.
Miguel Angel, aka El Espiritu Guerrero, in the center.

I just returned from  Costa Rica; my family returns tomorrow after the Dia Uno celebration. Yes, coffee was involved; we saw a roastery, coffee plantations, taste testing, etc. However, the purpose of the trip was far different than coffee. It had everything to do with the rights of Indigenous and a Peace Proclamation with Mother Earth.

We, as Holistic Effect, met with the Gaia Foundation and some representatives of the International Human Rights Consortium, 2 of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, a Mayan Shaman, an Aztec Shaman, Mama Grande of the Miskita of Nicaragua/Honduras and leaders of all 8 Indigenous tribes of Costa Rica. Four days later, we had drafted a resolution for the United Nations, that wove together various UN declarations, treaties, and proclamations into one document that acknowledged rights for Indigenous and has Costa Rica to be the first “carbon neutral” nation by the year 2021. Today Laurie and Grace (my wife and daughter) are part of the procession of all of these people through downtown San Jose to the President’s house, where The President is hosting them in her garden to sign the Proclama de la Paz with Mother Earth and this UN resolution that will then be passed on to the UN.

What was particularly notable was that leaders of the Indigenous groups of Costa Rica commented that we were the only foreign people who have come to help them as a group, and that their own government has not helped in any substantive manner. Here are marginalized peoples who are losing their culture, land, way of life and rights granted to them as people, and also by the UN Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples. Now, we will work to document the events to create a collective story of the Indigenous, and to map out next steps (working with people of Ghana, Ecuador and other places).

Today is the first day following the end of the Mayan Calendar. El Dia Uno.