Ethiopia and its farewell to Jimma 5

Coffee Cherries from EthiopianI’ve been enjoying the fruity and hoppy unwashed Ethiopian Sidamo that we’ve had in these past couple of months. The berry notes are mellow and smooth, and complement the body maintained by our high altitude roasting. With that said, I came across an interesting article and report on National Public Radio talking about how far Ethiopian coffees have come, particularly since they were known as “Jimma 5” coffee. Jimma 5 coffee was known for containing all 5 of the major defects; the more defects you have in your green beans, the worse it is and therefore an inevitability of a bad cup of coffee (unless you like Folgers and such). Inspecting the Specialty Grade beans from Ethiopia anymore and you find very clean, very uniform beans. Perhaps it is the nationalization of the Ethiopian coffee industry and their country-wide use of the logo. Perhaps it is due to assistance programs. Perhaps it is due to evermore sophisticated palates. In nay case, I for one am grateful to have Ethiopian on hand and ready to roast, grind, and brew.