Microlot Coffees – Ethiopia Ademegorbota

Ethiopia Coffee Beans, Microlot AdemegorbotaHere at the Roastery, I have often been slow to embrace marketing ourselves. As some folk from out of Buena Vista know, we carry a lot of various coffees in the shop that I periodically post for offering online, but mostly just keep it quiet. However, it is time to promote our great microlot coffees with more fervor. So, I will let you all know of our first Microlot Coffee officially announced. It is a Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Ademegorbota, a washed Yirgacheffe. We’ve roasted it as a ‘medium’ in our classification system, highlighting the Bergamot, blueberry, and lemongrass while adding a enough body for the flavors to linger and give the satisfaction of having had a great cup of coffee.

The Ademegorbota Cooperative is located just outside of the town Yirgacheffe. This coffee, grown at altitudes of up to about 7500 feet, is the highest growing area in the country. The 1,220 member cooperative has recently reorganized after some management issues, and we are fortunate to receive their first harvest since this time. The previous cooperative, Kelo, had been renown for its incredible profiles found in its coffees.

We are very excited to present the Ademegorbota as a part of the Buena Vista Roastery’s high altitude grown coffee selection.