cold-brew coffee from the BV Roastery

Cold-Brew Coffee Trend at the BV Roastery

Once again, thanks to Starbucks the new top trend in coffee has taken off all over the nation. From Seattle to D.C. specialty coffee companies have been showcasing their new toddy delights. Have you caught on to the cold-brew coffee craze? Recent studies have shown that not only is cold-brew coffee a refreshing alternative to […]

West Coast Port Strike

West Coast Port Strike Although the port workers along the West Coast have only refused labor for 6 days, the amount of work that is continuing to backup has become problematic for small businesses all over the map. The strike began 10 days ago over a nine-month contract dispute involving health care and maintenance of […]

coffee cupping

Coffee Cupping No. 2

Coffee Cupping Last Friday, the staff at the BV Roastery had the opportunity to hold yet another coffee cupping. This time, we sampled three coffees from Indonesia – one from Papua New Guinea, Bali, and a Flores. After setting up the coffee cupping cups, spoons and grounds mugs, first came the dry aroma. We took […]

tanzania peaberry coffee

Coffee Cupping No. 1

The BV Roastery has decided to hold weekly coffee cuppings every Friday and the snow did not stop us from our new commitment this past Friday afternoon. A coffee cupping is somewhat different than a tasting – it involves comparing 3 distinct or similar origins, testing the dry aroma, the wet aroma, and ending with […]