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West Coast Port Strike

West Coast Port Strike Although the port workers along the West Coast have only refused labor for 6 days, the amount of work that is continuing to backup has become problematic for small businesses all over the map. The strike began 10 days ago over a nine-month contract dispute involving health care and maintenance of […]

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Coffee Cupping No. 2

Last Friday, the staff at the BV Roastery had the opportunity to hold yet another coffee cupping. This time, we sampled three coffees from Indonesia – one from Papua New Guinea, Bali, and a Flores. After setting up the cupping cups, spoons and grounds mugs, first came the dry aroma. We took our initial whiffs […]

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Valentine’s Delight- The Buena Vista Roastery

With Valentine’s Day upon us, hearts are all around us! The Roastery has pounds of our popular Cosmic Love blend sealed and ready for you to take home— it is a spicy, dark roast perfect for that last minute ‘Heart Day’ surprise! Although tomorrow’s holiday is talking about a different kind of heart, have you […]

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Coffee Cupping No. 1

The BV Roastery has decided to hold weekly coffee cuppings every Friday and the snow did not stop us from our new commitment this past Friday afternoon. A coffee cupping is somewhat different than a tasting – it involves comparing 3 distinct or similar origins, testing the dry aroma, the wet aroma, and ending with […]

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Coffee in Rwanda

A Bit of Heaven from Rwanda

When I first opened our new bag of green Fair Trade Rwanda Dukunde Kawa, I was amazed at the clean and deep color. And of course, I was excited to work on the roast to see what we could pull out of our Rwandan, specialty grade coffee. I dropped it into the Diedrich IR-12 as […]

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Ethiopia Coffee Beans, Microlot Ademegorbota

Microlot Coffees – Ethiopia Ademegorbota

Here at the Roastery, I have often been slow to embrace marketing ourselves. As some folk from out of Buena Vista know, we carry a lot of various coffees in the shop that I periodically post for offering online, but mostly just keep it quiet. However, it is time to promote our great microlot coffees […]

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Ethiopia and its farewell to Jimma 5

I’ve been enjoying the fruity and hoppy unwashed Ethiopian Sidamo that we’ve had in these past couple of months. The berry notes are mellow and smooth, and complement the body maintained by our high altitude roasting. With that said, I came across an interesting article and report on National Public Radio talking about how far […]

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brazil poco fundo coffee

Government Aid to Coffee Producers in Brazil

The Slump Coffee prices have slumped over the past year but we still feel the pinch for our caffeine fix. That is to say, the prices that farmers receive for their product; prices at the supermarket have not. The Brazilian government is to aid coffee producers. Starbuck’s is not going to help the latte drinker. […]

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El Dia Uno and Indigenous of Costa Rica

I just returned from  Costa Rica; my family returns tomorrow after the Dia Uno celebration. Yes, coffee was involved; we saw a roastery, coffee plantations, taste testing, etc. However, the purpose of the trip was far different than coffee. It had everything to do with the rights of Indigenous and a Peace Proclamation with Mother […]

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Coffee Beans and Sweet Things

Most days of the week smoke can be seen and tasted coming from the BV Roastery. Don’t worry, nothing’s on fire, that’s not what I was getting at. Joel, Chris, and Ed can be found most days roasting serious amounts of coffee beans in the back, while a medley of the Grateful Dead, some electronica-esque […]

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