West Coast Port Strike

West Coast Port Strike Although the port workers along the West Coast have only refused labor for 6 days, the amount of work that is continuing to backup has become problematic for small businesses all over the map. The strike began 10 days ago over a nine-month contract dispute involving health care and maintenance of […]

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Coffee Cupping No. 2

Coffee Cupping Last Friday, the staff at the BV Roastery had the opportunity to hold yet another coffee cupping. This time, we sampled three coffees from Indonesia – one from Papua New Guinea, Bali, and a Flores. After setting up the coffee cupping cups, spoons and grounds mugs, first came the dry aroma. We took […]

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Coffee Cupping No. 1

The BV Roastery has decided to hold weekly coffee cuppings every Friday and the snow did not stop us from our new commitment this past Friday afternoon. A coffee cupping is somewhat different than a tasting – it involves comparing 3 distinct or similar origins, testing the dry aroma, the wet aroma, and ending with […]