Women Care Certified

Women Care Certified Coffee

One of the newer coffees the Buena Vista Roastery is offering is the Women Care Certified Costa Rica coffee. We have teamed up with 1% For Women and Alanzia de Mujeres en Café de Costa Rica (AMCCR) to provide a product that brings attention to women in agriculture, specifically coffee, and promotes gender equality and […]

Mabraat Kabbada harvesting coffee cherries.

Ethiopia Oromia and Fair Trade

I came across this article about Fair Trade at the Oromia Cooperative in Ethiopia. The article touches on a Fairtrade Climate Standard to help farmers acquire an alternative stove – to replace the traditional ‘three-stone’ fire. Given the cooperative’s focus on coffee, the new stoves are destined for coffee producers. The stoves mean that there is […]

Whiskey Coffee

Whiskey Coffee aged in Whiskey Barrels When you are craving that caffeine fix, but your typical house blend just won’t satisfy the urge we have just the coffee for you! Morning or as an afternoon delight our whiskey coffee is sure to not disappoint. Aged in one of our local whiskey distillery’s recently used barrels, […]

Organic Baking With Organic Coffee

Organic Baking With Organic Coffee

We pride ourselves on our organic coffee; each batch hand-roasted and carefully crafted so that each cup is filled with rich flavor. But our coffee can be used for more than just drinking. No-Bake Espresso Walnut Brownies When making brownies, it can be difficult to create an organic, healthy, good-tasting brownie. Thanks to Dana, a […]

cold-brew coffee from the BV Roastery

Cold-Brew Coffee Trend at the BV Roastery

Once again, thanks to Starbucks the new top trend in coffee has taken off all over the nation. From Seattle to D.C. specialty coffee companies have been showcasing their new toddy delights. Have you caught on to the cold-brew coffee craze? Recent studies have shown that not only is cold-brew coffee a refreshing alternative to […]

West Coast Port Strike

West Coast Port Strike Although the port workers along the West Coast have only refused labor for 6 days, the amount of work that is continuing to backup has become problematic for small businesses all over the map. The strike began 10 days ago over a nine-month contract dispute involving health care and maintenance of […]