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Coffee in Rwanda

A Bit of Heaven from Rwanda

When I first opened our new bag of green Fair Trade Rwanda Dukunde Kawa, I was amazed at the clean and deep color. And of course, I was excited to work on the roast to see what we could pull out of our Rwandan, specialty grade coffee. I dropped it into the Diedrich IR-12 as […]

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Ethiopia Coffee Beans, Microlot Ademegorbota

Microlot Coffees – Ethiopia Ademegorbota

Here at the Roastery, I have often been slow to embrace marketing ourselves. As some folk from out of Buena Vista know, we carry a lot of various coffees in the shop that I periodically post for offering online, but mostly just keep it quiet. However, it is time to promote our great microlot coffees […]

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Espresso – What Is That Stuff?

Have you ever ordered a latte or a cappucinno? How about a mocha? If you have, you probably know that each of these drinks is a combination of milk and espresso. But what exactly is espresso – that yummy liquid that is often mispronounced, misspelled and misunderstood?

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Roasting Coffee at Home

He is a hobby roaster, one of many who are taking up the art

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