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courtesy of kakoii

Tobacco infused latte, anyone??

A signature drink is not just a crazy concoction that happens to include espresso… instead, the coffee is the heart and soul of the drink, and any other ingredients, exotic though they may be, are merely added to bring out the many and varied flavors hiding within the espresso.

Nothing but Lungos and Ristrettos

There are times when I fancy a lungo and times when I favor the bitterness of a ristretto. Using our own machine, I’ll experiment with our High Country Espresso to explore the nuances of the long pull and the short pull. Of course I prefer the smooth character that we get with proper tamp and […]

Espresso at Adam’s Mountain Cafe

My friend Chris graduated from college yesterday, Colorado College. At the college, there are a few students working on a new coffee roastery led by similar values as we have at the Buena Vista Roastery. I was searching for a taste of their product while at the graduation in the heart of Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, all I could […]