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Espresso – What Is That Stuff?

Have you ever ordered a latte or a cappucinno? How about a mocha? If you have, you probably know that each of these drinks is a combination of milk and espresso. But what exactly is espresso – that yummy liquid that is often mispronounced, misspelled and misunderstood?

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The set-up..

The 2010 Mountain Regional Barista Competition

On Valentines Day weekend, a few members of our BV Roastery team attended this years Mountain Regional Barista Competition in Loveland, Colorado. None of us competed (next year, baby!), but we had a really great time, and were totally blown away by the quality of baristas that we saw there.

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Tobacco infused latte, anyone??

A signature drink is not just a crazy concoction that happens to include espresso… instead, the coffee is the heart and soul of the drink, and any other ingredients, exotic though they may be, are merely added to bring out the many and varied flavors hiding within the espresso.

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Roasting Coffee at Home

He is a hobby roaster, one of many who are taking up the art

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Barista Champion Dismas Smith

This has some great things to think about in regards to espresso

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My visit to Virginia’s Shenandoah Joe’s

My visit to Virginia’s Shenandoah Joe’s I had the fortune of visiting an old friend in Charlottesville over the past couple of days. I first intentionally drank coffee with this individual one morning in college after writing a term paper and spinning vinyl for our radio show, The Alternate Route. We were in our Contemporary […]

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Dust off the Kayaks! – Paddlefest 2009

Reminder: Paddlefest 2009 As I wrote back in March, ’tis the season, once again. The mighty Arkansas River is rising, the waters turning chocolate. Our big kickoff to river season is Paddlefest, May 22-25, 2009. This what the folk at Colorado Kayak Supply have to say, Come to Buena Vista, Colorado for huge kickoff party […]

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Nothing but Lungos and Ristrettos

There are times when I fancy a lungo and times when I favor the bitterness of a ristretto. Using our own machine, I’ll experiment with our High Country Espresso to explore the nuances of the long pull and the short pull. Of course I prefer the smooth character that we get with proper tamp and […]

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Espresso at Adam’s Mountain Cafe

My friend Chris graduated from college yesterday, Colorado College. At the college, there are a few students working on a new coffee roastery led by similar values as we have at the Buena Vista Roastery. I was searching for a taste of their product while at the graduation in the heart of Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, all I could […]

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