Our Beliefs

We believe that sustainability is essential through farming practices, through our community and employees, through our own ethos.

We believe that our own long term longevity and our own success is intrinsically linked to the triple bottom line.

We believe in limiting non-essential inputs to the business.

We believe that good product starts with the raw resources from which they are derived; we will work as best we can to encourage that those resources are sourced with the most environmentally and socially aware practices possible from around the world.

We believe that people should be treated with respect and with integrity. These are people intimately involved with the roastery as well as vendors, customers, and others in our resource base.

We believe that while an Organic and Fair Trade certification is desired, many farmers, while practicing these standards, cannot afford the certification and should not be omitted as a source.

We believe that the story of the people on each estate we source from is essential to understand and pass on to our customers.

We also believe our ability to make a change begins at home. Because of this belief the staff at The Buena Vista Roastery are very involved in our local community and give back whenever possible. Click for a listing of some of the people we support through charitable activity, board membership and developed relationships.

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