Our Producers

Our hand-roasted coffees are carefully selected from growers around the world that adhere to Fair Trade Organic practices. We value the extra efforts made by these farmers and take great pride in supporting environmentally, socially and economically conscientious farms and cooperatives.

Does this mean that all of our coffees are Fair Trade Organic certified? No. We have found that there are many farmers that go above and beyond the standards set forth by the certifying agencies, but they simply can’t afford to become certified. Through our coffees and this website, we will introduce you to coffee growers from the four corners of the world who care for their land, their neighbors and all of our future.

Enjoy browsing our coffees and feel good in the knowledge that you are supporting the environment while enjoying great coffee. From the first sip of Bongo Billy’s Coffees you will understand the unique flavors and characteristics brought out in the beans from our roastery located at 8,000 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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