Roast ONE Custom Coffee


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Roast ONE Custom Coffee

Introducing Roast ONE – a fully customized, roast-to-order small batch of coffee where You Decide EXACTLY how you want your coffee roasted.

Start by selecting a grind setting, then choose one of the 5 origins currently offered. Finally, decide which roast profile you want applied to your beans. Our roast-master will take this data and generate an entirely unique batch, based on your parameters, made exclusively for YOU.

This product yields 4 pounds and includes FREE SHIPPING.

Custom label name available (Ex: “John's Roast”).


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Product Description

Roast ONE Custom Coffee

We are very excited to introduce Roast ONE – a fully customized, roast-to-order small batch of coffee that is created based on exact parameters set by you, the customer. Because we need to roast a certain minimum volume to maintain thermal precision throughout the roasting cycle, a 4-pound yield is required.

This special product is intended to give customers full control over what flavor nuances can be achieved from various coffee sources, depending on how light or dark the roast profile is. Lighter roasts tend to exhibit more prominent vegetal and floral qualities (think: grasses, roses, spices, barks and berries), while darker roasts tend toward savory, smoky and sweet essences (think: chocolate, leather, campfire, salted caramel and chicory root). In addition, lighter roasts typically present less body in the cup than their darker counterparts.

As far as we are aware, this is an industry first (!!), so please call us with any questions you may have before placing an order. The size of the batch makes a great month-long supply for a household, or it could make a one-of-a-kind gift to family and friends.

A minor disclaimer: Though we can guarantee a clean and standardized process with the handling and production of this item, we cannot promise a perfect match between origin and roast profile. Part of the fun in this idea is its experimental edge, and there is the inherent risk of producing coffee that some folks may not enjoy. For this reason, we encourage bravery in purchase and commitment to the final sale. Let us go boldly, together, into the unknown!

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy Roast ONE!


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