Coffees for a Cause

Purchase our Organic Peru coffee and 10% of the sales go to this incredible organization that is advocating for better lives for migrants and immigrants at our southern border.

Coffee is a powerful resource, and creates incredible opportunity to promote awareness and change.

A driving force behind our work is creating opportunities that lead to thriving communities and a healthy planet. With a focus on supporting our local community, and the communities of our producers, we've created Coffees for a Cause.

The intention behind this program is to use this incredible product, that we all love, to enhance the work of amazing individuals and organizations across the globe. This work, and these projects, remind us of our inter-connection with each other and the planet, and remind us of the importance of engaging from a place of intention and allowing our hearts to guide our actions.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Catracha Coffee community in Santa Elena, La Paz, Honduras to support their incredible work through Coffees for a Cause. Along with honoring each of their coffee producers through single farm micro-lots and transparent individualized profit sharing, they are creating a more sustainable and thriving community. In their own words they are, “Going beyond coffee to promote prosperity for women and the next generation in Santa Elena.”

You can read more about their incredible work at

We will change up the coffee selection that will support their incredible work, so keep an eye on our newsletters and updates.

It is an honor to partner with this incredible community and we are unbelievably grateful to all of our customers for supporting this project and allowing it to grow into this next phase.

You truly can make a difference through your purchase. Thanks for choosing to support these individuals who are making the world a better place.