Organic Coffee Beans

Organic Coffee Roasting at the BV Roastery

The Buena Vista Roastery (featuring Bongo Billy’s Coffees) provides the most economically, socially and environmentally sound coffee beans available, sourcing only the highest quality Organic and Fair Trade coffee beans from around the world. Our Sumatran, Colombian, Nicaraguan, Ethiopian and French Roast coffee along with additional award winning coffee blends like the Buena Vista Blend, are popular favorites and are roasted regularly and ready to ship.

Our roastery is located at 8000 feet above sea level in Buena Vista, Colorado. Our beans have unique, award-winning characteristics that can only come from roasting at high-altitude. We feature some of the most rich and flavorful Dark Roast, Medium Roast and our optimized Medium/Dark Roasted coffee. The Roastery is dedicated to sustainable and regenerative management practices, social justice cultural heritage and causes throughout the world.

Read more about our commitment and our coffees of the world.

Our Cafe at 409 E Main StreetE Main, Buena Vista, CO is open everyday 7-6, serving organic coffee and espresso and many fresh baked goods from our onsite bakery. We have free Wi-fi and a great outdoor patio space. All coffees sold online are full 16 ounce packages.

Ranked #1 Restaurant in Buena Vista!

Thanks everyone! The Buena Vista Roastery

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