Our Team

The Team at the Buena Vista Roastery and Bongo Billy’s Coffees

Laurie Benson
Laurie has focused primarily on marketing over the past fifteen years. In addition to marketing for New Earth Records and Body, Mind, Spirit, she has worked extensively with different guest ranch/resorts throughout Colorado to help them realize their unique attributes, and how to market themselves appropriately. Three things that are of great value to Laurie are hiking, backpacking and introducing her daughter to the wonders of the great outdoors.
Joel Benson
Over the years, Joel has worked as an educator, facilitator and consultant. He co-founded a company in Kentucky, helping former tobacco farmers diversify. Previously, he consulted with several non-profits and taught at a few schools. He is a Certified Educator in Holistic Management and has consulted with a number of groups and businesses in that vein. He has spent several years in and out of heavy coffee-growing regions of Latin America, traveling and serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica. He serves as Mayor for the Town of Buena Vista. He also kayaks.
Annika Fouch
Annkia has been in the Valley on and off for a number of years. She is a wizard in the bakery and on the mandolin. Annika loves running very, very far. She plays music with five other locals in a band, Full Moon Float.
Annika Fouch
Ed Barkowski
Hailing from the East Coast and hopping around the west for a few years, Ed has landed in Buena Vista. He loves running and roasting coffee, an expert on both our Diedrich and our Sivetz.
Emily Spires
Emily favors a nose ring, the kind you might find in a bull. Only delicate. She moved to Buena VIsta from the big city of Colorado Springs and is loving being in the mountains, at long last. She loves spinning and sculpture. She rides her bike whenever it is above 32 degrees.
Clayton De Laney
Clayton migrated to the Arkansas valley after graduating from Principia. Conveniently, the town of Buena Vista’s population is infused with a striking number of Principia graduates, so Clayton feels right at home. His weekends are spent skinny skiing and shadow boxing in the park. He is an expert roaster.
Libby Nye
Libby is Arkansas native who talks about Arkansas constantly. She loves Colorado and all of its splendor, but is also raising awareness on the quaint beauty of Arkansas- “The Natural State.” She enjoys rock climbing, running, and corgis. And juicers.
Tim Allen
Any one have a musical instrument? Tim can play it. From Mack the Knife to obscure ‘college kid’ songs, Tim has a wide repertoire. Tim also loves to hike, study organic chemistry and calculus, and practice latte art. He attends Hillsdale College and is able to help the Roastery during his breaks.
Colin Johnson
Our thespian. Colin is an avid drama student in our local high school and with Chaffee County Fine Arts Association. Most recently, he played in the Drowsy Chaperone. He also makes it his goal to swim in the Arkansas River at least once per month. So far, he has 9 more to go.
Micah Ritschard
Micah is a scoring machine on his local basketball team, playing for the Eagles at Darren Patterson Christian Academy. He backpacks, rock climbs, and travels the world on various mission trips, recently returning from Nicaragua, just south of Managua. He graduates this upcoming year and heads off to college.