BONGO BILLY'S BLEND - Buena Vista Roastery


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  • Certified ORGANIC by WFCF Organic
  • DARK Roast
  • Blend of African and Central American Coffees
  • Cupping Notes: Spice, Chocolate, Citrus

Bongo Billy's Blend

One of the pioneers in the coffee industry, Bongo Billy's Coffee was founded in 1994 by Bill and Cheryl Mehaffey, as a labor of love in the pursuit of coffee greatness. Those were the early days of Specialty Coffee, and the Mehaffeys shaped this region's understanding of just how great this commodity crop and beverage can be. Indeed, Bongo Billy's was one of Colorado's very first coffee roasting companies.

We're still proudly carrying the torch, roasting Colorado's favorite Mountain Town brew with love and loyalty.

A namesake roast and homage to our roots, this blend pairs a full, sweet body with medium acidity and a hint of spice. It's one of the longest-running blends of our company and is a favorite of many seasoned customers.