MOCHA JAVA BLEND - Buena Vista Roastery


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  • Certified ORGANIC by WFCF Organic
  • DARK Roast
  • Blend of Far East and African Coffees
  • Cupping Notes: Allspice, Berry, Tobacco

Mocha Java is one of the oldest – if not the first – coffee blends in the world. It was born in the days of sailing coffee from source to destination, via wooden ships. Traditionally, the blend paired coffee from the port of Mocha (Yemen) with Java (Indonesia), to bring together the fruitiness of one with the hints of chocolate in the other. Seldom are these exact ingredients used in modern day versions, but we’ve paired 2 origins we think hit the mark strikingly well, while adhering to similar respective counterparts. The result? Pure time-tested coffee bliss.