LEADVILLE BLEND - Buena Vista Roastery


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  • Certified ORGANIC by WFCF Organic
  • Blend of Central American Coffees
  • Cupping Notes: Orange, Cantaloupe, Earthy

Our way to show some love for our neighbor to the North – lovely Leadville, Colorado! The town sits 35 miles away from us, past some of the most breathtaking stretches of scenic highway this country has to offer, in any state. The chilly little mountain town is also perched 2,186 feet higher than Buena Vista and offers views of the Rocky Mountains only imagined by other communities. In fact, Leadville has the highest elevation of any incorporated city in the United States. It's affectionately also known as the "Cloud City" and the "Two-Mile-High City". This blend is for you, Leadville, and we are so happy to share it with the world!

The components of this blend were originally called "La Cima", which translates in Spanish to "The Top". It was the very first 100% Organic coffee blend ever concocted by Bongo Billy's, back in the day. Our founder, Bill Mehaffey, wanted to showcase an espresso that was sourced using the company's burgeoning superior growing standards, while still offering several other stalwart options in the "Adventure Blend" grouping. Try this old favorite to taste what continues to be a classic pairing of 2 delicious origins.